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In the early 1940's attorneys Howard Dowd and R. Lionel Barrows in search of a depression proof product, had a marketing survey done that revealed participant sports comprised one of the three top-ranking fields and that bowling rated first in that category.  Armed with their survey and a dream these men worked on creating and perfecting the candlepin pinsetter.  By May 1949, Dowd and Barrows had completed four working pinsetters. They set them in action in lanes at the popular amusement area, Whalom Park in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Proprietors from all over were invited for a demonstration which proved to be quite successful, the new machine performed automatically all the functions previously handled by pinboys with great rapidity and accuracy every box. 



Most pinsetters have between 24 and 27pins in each machine. This is the view from the top of a Bowl Mor pinsetter.  You can see the pins sitting on the conveyors which will deliver the pins to the tubes which will be lowered to the pindeck after the pins have been cleared form the previous turn.  In the top of the picture is the elevator which brings the pins from the bottom of the machine to the top.



This is the view from the rear of the pinsetter with the curtain removed so you can see the pins.  Once again on the left side of the picture you can see the pin lift elevator with two pins being delivered to the top of the pinsetter




Here  you can see the sweeper pushing the pins into the pit area where the pins and balls will be separated. 




Once removed from the pindeck pins and balls are swept onto a turn table which will spin sending the pins and balls to the elevators waiting to take them to the top of the machine. 





After everything is removed from the pindeck and the sweeper is clear then the tubes will come down to set the pins. All the while this is happening the machine is getting another set of pins ready for the next frame.



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