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How records are set.

Candlepin record scores (scratch) may only be established on ICBA sanctioned / regulation lanes after July 26, 1989.  Exceptions: New Hampshire and Massachusetts where sanctioned / regulation scores have existed.

  • Record scores must be bowled under controlled conditions i.e. league play, published tournaments, all aspects of TV roll offs, state / provincial events, all aspects of pro and amateur tours.

  • The foul line rule must be in force.

  • Approved balls and pins must be used.

  • At least one weeks advance publicity must be given.

  • There must be at least four bowlers in a regular published shift, two bowlers per lane.

  • The original starting lineup must be used throughout.

  • The current ICBA rulebook must govern all play.

  • Notification must be made within 24 hours to the ICBA and lane inspection within 72 hours.

  • Complete rules govern. See proprietor master sheet.

  • New records are noted by *.

  • Scores are updated each year, record scores as of 6/1/13.

New Hampshire


Single String Glennis Hickey, Park Place Lanes 202
Three Strings Amy Dube, Park Place Lanes, April 27, 2008     144 + 138 + 198 480
Three Strings 1st 3 of 5    
Five Strings Diane Rooney, Park Place Lanes 728
Ten Strings Stasia Czernicki, Bowl-O-Rama 1388
Twenty Strings Kelly Stoyles, Leda Lanes, June 2006 2501
All Events (25 Strings) Carol Downey, Park Place Lanes 3225
Team (15 Strings) Janet Poch 341 1852
  Celeste Buckmore 355  
  Nance Vestal 395  
  Cyndi Cawley 395  
  Glennis McKinley 366, Lakeside Lanes, May 8, 2005  
Team (25 Strings) Penny Brady 2979
  Lois Queen  
  Mary Ford  
  Vi Biron  
  Dot Lawruk, Gate City 1983  
Doubles (10 Strings) Penny Brady 1306
  Vi Biron, Park Place Lanes  


Single String Gerry Montminy, Londonderry Bowling Center 240
Three Strings Craig Holbrook, Park Place Lanes, October 1, 2006
140 + 189 +179
Three Strings 1st 3 of 5 Mike Sargent, Bowlaway Lanes 520
Five Strings Mike Sargent, Bowlaway Lanes 841
Ten Strings Steve Vadney, Park Place Lanes 1520
Twenty Strings Jeff Atkins, Leda Lanes 2812
All Events (25 Strings) Dan Murphy, Park Place Lanes 3566
Teams (15 Strings) Dave Richards 404 2059
  Gary Carrington 427  
  Dave Barber 389  
  Shawn Baker 393  
  Dave Godwin 446, Sunset Lanes, April 13, 2008  
Team (25 Strings) Mike Poulin 3337
  Jack Foley  
  Bob Francoeur  
  Bob Freel  
  Gary Duffett, Leda Lanes  
Doubles (10 Strings) Bill Treeful 1452
  Shawn Baker, Boutwell's Bowling Center  



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